Aerus Water Purification Systems Do More Than You Think

Ask about the solutions we offer property owners in Denver, Colorado Springs and Lakewood, CO

If you're concerned about contaminants in your water, look into Aerus products. Our teams in Denver, Colorado Springs and Lakewood, CO can recommend water purification systems that meet the needs of your household or business.

You'll love your new Aerus water purification system because it will...

  • Remove iron, sulfur, chloride and acidic substances from your water
  • Help extend the service life of your appliances
  • Make your drinking water taste better

Visit Aerus today to purchase a state-of-the-art water purifier. You can also contact us to schedule a free water test at your home or place of business.

Our additional water solutions

Whether you're comparing water filtration systems or simply want to test the quality of your drinking water, you've come to the right place. Our teams in Denver, Colorado Springs and Lakewood, CO offer...

  • Solutions for homes and businesses: Don't put up with contaminated or hard water any longer.
  • Unit delivery and installation services: We'll set up your water filtration, sanitation, conditioning or softening system for you. Salt-free units are available upon request.
  • Part installation and replacement services: We can fix your equipment so it continues to run efficiently.

Although we focus on improving drinking water quality in the greater Denver area, we also offer air, laundry and floor care solutions. Explore our website to learn more about our services.

Air Purification Solutions

"What you can't see won't hurt you"?

With today's advancements in science & technology, we are more aware of airborne viruses, impurities and the negative effect of these contaminants on our health.

Keep your home smelling fresh without just covering up unpleasant smells.

Improving your home's water quality

Hard water can have a major impact on your pipes and cause mineral buildup on your plumbing fixtures. If you've noticed buildup on your faucets or drains, see if a water softening system is right for you. The experts at Aerus in Lakewood, CO, can take a look at your system and determine what kind of water softener may benefit you. We have a variety of water softening systems available to fit different homes, systems and plumbing demands.

Are you interested in a water softener for your home? Contact us now to see if you could benefit from one of our water softeners.