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I love the clean air we breathe. My wife and kids have had no issues with raspatory infections since we installed our two systems. We love them.

Tyler Reitenbaugh

Nico was my healthy home consultant, and he was excellent in answering all of our questions about both the Laundry Pro and the Reverse Osmosis system. I have multiple sclerosis and Nico also told us about the air purification, which would be very helpful with my immune deficiency issues.
Now I am very excited about both of the water systems and we will address the air system at a later date!
Again, Nico was wonderful. His confident manner and clear presentation were pleasant; not a hard salesman. Thank you, Nico!

Margaret Reinhold

Nico was awesome to work with! He explained everything very thoroughly and was and we are excited to be getting the water and air systems for the house! I know we will see a big difference in the water, given we have very hard water. And with 2 dogs, can't wait to see the difference the air system makes!

Audra Ader

Love our new water purification system!
We have had it since Halloween of this year and we really have noticed the difference in the taste. Our coffee tastes better too. Our water is so soft, it feels silky. They have an air ionizer that I look forward to getting also. The installation was smooth, no messes and our salesman Wilhelm Eickhoff was very knowledgeable about the system!
Check out the their website!!

Darla Borucki

Nico is one of the most professional people I have encountered in a long time. He was knowledgeable, listened extremely well to our questions. He answered our questions thoroughly and with a lot more information added. He was a pleasure to talk with and the products really do look extremely promising! Thank you Nico!

Andy Smith

We have been a customer with L&L Systems for over 2 years now. Nico has been absolutely amazing. He originally came out to test our air quality. I was skeptical about the product and didn't believe it would do what it says. After putting the guardian angel air purifier in our bedroom for ONLY 15 min we could see a dramatic change. Nico was polite, knowledgeable and very very patient with all of the questions that we had. What stood out to me the most is the fact that he would rather help out the family with our specific needs instead of just selling a product. You could tell he was there to share the information and give our family options. Since our original appt Nico has always been there for us any time we have questions. After getting the guardian angel we have added to our household with a couple of space heaters. I have recommended Nico to my family and friends. If you ever want to have clean air or water I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you let Nico come out and show you what the company has to offer. Thanks again Nico

Jenna Giron

Nico was great to work with and very low pressure. We opted to go with the Beyond and Angel air purifiers after Nico showed us a ton of info and facts on their products. We can't wait to see the difference they make in our indoor air quality and also our overall health.

Shawn H

Darren was super helpful! The products are going to reduce our footprint and make water so much cleaner and healthier for consumption. Darren was friendly and knowledgeable. 10/10 recommend!!!

Phylicia Peterson

Nico is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind. It was more than a pleasure purchasing a water purification system through him. We were super impressed with the way he explained how things would work and and how we could pay for our system. Thank you.


Nico and Bernard were amazing and really knew thier equipment. Great salesmanship and were super helpful in analyzing the water in my home. Super happy with how quick they were!

Kassidy Hood

Nico was my healthy home consultant. He was on time, very polite, funny and full of energy. We were referred to Nico from a friend and he was everything they said he would be. He is very thorough in every test that he performs. Before he proceeds to anything else he will always make sure you understand what he says and asks if we have any questions. He is genuine and loves what he does. Very rare to see that in a job. Thank you Nico for sharing everything your company has to offer. I'm happy with the Elevate Ph Max for me and my family's drinking water. You never know how vital water is until you have clean drinking water. Thank you Nico/L&L Systems.

Tonyia Kidder

This honestly blew my mind! David Schlote came and showed me whats actually in my water how their system solves the problem. Its a truly an amazing thing and he was great the way he showed and described everything. Highly recommend!

Zachery Person

Nico was very professional and also understanding. He had a very good knowledge of product, lots of great information. I can't wait to get this great system installed and do my first load of laundry. I'm also looking for my first shower. Nico was a great guy to meet and took care of me. Thanks

Jeremy Cadam

Nico, thank you for being so friendly and knowledgable. Fun presentation, and real results. Air purification is so important, especially in these times. Thank you for taking care of us. Excited to get the beyond and guardian angel.

Zakk Nixx

Silas was great at presenting his products and reasons for making the switch to a healthier lifestyle. We're excited to receive our new air cleaning machines, the clean and pure and the angel, and start breathing a little easier. I suffer from asthma and sever allergies and am confident that these products will help with my quality of life.

Haley DeLoach

Cody did an amazing job with choosing the right products for our home! We went with the drinking water and the laundry pro to start! Super excited to have these products give me and my family healthier lifestyle and better quality of water for me and my family. Thanks Cody for doing what's in my families best interest. If anyone is interested please look Cody up and mention my name. Great products and amazing benefits.

Rich Kline

Nico was absolutely professional and very nice. His information is exceptional. We are extremely excited to receive our air filtration system. The demonstration in our bedroom convinced us that the Angel air purifier is a must have for our house.

Maureen Dove-Yuhas - OIT Contractor

Nico was the best! Very professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. All of the info made it easy to make an informed choice!

Kimberly Lauber

We appreciated Nico and Silas coming to our home and educating us on our water quality and the benefits of their systems. We chose the WC 200 and Laundry Pro machine. We found the L&L Systems team kind and thoughtful and open to helping us find a budget that worked for our family.

Jennifer Coughlin

Nico came and was great! He did water test/reviewed and educated us on our water, what water should be and products they offered. Great customer Service and very nice. Can't wait for the install and to try it out!

Tim Taylor

Nico was wonderful, professional and personable which is hard to find in customer service these days! Honestly would not have purchased if not for his genuine mannerisms and ability to answer questions quickly, efficiently and without hesitation...meaning if it's something they can or can't do, he makes sure to relay it all, very honest with in-home, on-the-spot detailed demonstrations. Very happy with this company and what they provide for our family! Can't wait to see how awesome our water and air turn out over time!

Jeanette Perez

Nico was so great and funny he explained everything and knows about the systems and told us what would be best for us we got the the Laundry system and the drinking water system

Nicola Brunner

Nico was highly professionally and explained everything. He had us sold on a few products! We will continue to get products and improve our lives.

Megan Sexton

Nico was very outgoing funny but most importantly of all he was very good explaining everything our questions were answered and our concerns on the products they offer us

Jose Daza

Darren was super helpful and answered all our questions and explained everything and how everything worked. I am very excited to get everything installed and to not have hard water any longer.

karen hippe

I'm so grateful to have had Cody Vail come into my home and make one of the most informative presentations on Living Alkaline water. If anyone truly needed Clean Water it is me. Cody was professional and honest in educating me on the benefits of great health. I am excited to drink Living Water as I am certain that I can address the residuals of my resent bought with pneumonia. Thank you Cody Vail for your Compassion and Respect for Life. Water Is Life!

Cahuilla Red Elk

We got the angel and beyond. Nico was our heathly home expert and was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly. A total hole in one!! I highly recommend L&L systems for all your water and air purification needs.

Brian Whitehead

Nico and Silas were great to speak with and they understood their product lines. Both were friendly and not pushy or heavy pushing on the sales. They answered all of my questions and made the experience a nice one.


We met Nico at the 2020 Home and Garden Show in Denver. He was very informative on air treatment systems for the home and on the product he was representing. We were impressed and made an appointment for an in-home demonstration and further education on what Active Pure Technology did and did not offer. Nico was professional and yet down-to-earth friendly. He is also a good salesman. He made three trips to our home and was immediately responsive to our calls, needs. We would do business with Nico and his company again.

Victor Montoya

Sebastian did a great job presenting the equipment and capabilities of the system. Very professional and knowledgable.

Jason Egger

So glad we met Nico at the Denver Home and Garden Show! Super knowledgeable and friendly. Who knew learning about hard water could be so much fun? We are very excited to be treating our bodies better and helping the environment in the process! The Laundry Pro by itself is a great product, but getting the whole house water filter too is a huge added bonus!

Brandon Dunkin

L&L's ActivePure technology is a COVID KILLER! Ask for Keaton, he really knows his stuff. Answered all my questions. Nice young man, too! Not a pressure salesman, which is great. I like his products, yet I'm not a good candidate for several reasons. Single person household. Prefer open windows, to name a couple.

Carrie DiPirro

Nico and Silas did a fantastic job! They were very knowledgeable about the product and did not add pressure to purchase any products. These guys are fun to talk to and know their stuff!! Im looking forward to getting cleaner air!

Stephane Rowledge

Nico & Silas were very nice and easy to understand. They explained everything in detail and allowed us to ask questions. We have great water so no need for a water system. We did decide on the Laundry Pro for our home to decrease our hot water usage. Thank you!

Chris Durk

Nico & Silas did an amazing job! I was satisfied with the presentation and customer service. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to for a healthier home.

Bianca Sanchez

Darren, was absolutely amazing, he was very knowledgeable and funny lol. I'm excited about using these products! I got the full blown package and absolutely can't wait!! They are installing tomorrow. Worked with me on payments. Just an absolutely amazing process and company with a great staff. I will update once I get it all installed and use it for a couple weeks.


Nico was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable and informative in his presentation. We are having a few items installed and very excited to do so. My mom bought a TriStar about 17 years ago and it has been the only cleaning system we've had and still working perfectly. I recommend the products as you will benefit from the results.

Ivan Hernandez

Nico was awesome! I am so excited to try my new laundry system. No more buying laundry soaps and cover up smells for me! Thanks Nico!

Brittany Purtteman

Darren, he came in and was professional. He was kind to our and explained everything to us. Very knowledgeable. Not only did I buy this product because it is clearly the best of the best but because he was so intelligent about the product. Literally can't wait to see how this changes our lives

A Apodaca

We worked with Nico, awesome guy, great salesman, he explained all the water and air tests that he did in our house , he also did numerous demonstrations with his water system and without, showed some great examples of the cleaning products that he has compared to the cleaning products I use. Great experience

Susan Osgood

Sebastian was great, professional and on time. Great customer service and we plan on calling him up in the future.

Chad Clemens

Nico was very friendly and took his time explaining the products. Great experience! I'm looking forward to my new Alkaline water machine!!

Jess Hill

Nico was absolutely amazing. He came on time, gave us a vast amount of information but made it so easy to understand. All in all, the best part is there is no pushy salesman attitude. Its information that is great to know, professional recommendations to make our lives healthier and better and completely allowing us to decide what is the best option for our family. 100% thankful we are more informed on our individual situation. Thanks Nico! Looking forward to more business in the future.

Jennifer Price

So my family and I have gotten the chance to meet Cody Vail, it was a very informative, yet fun experience. We've learned new things today that we did not know, all thanks to his knowledge.
He showed us just how dirty our water is and it's horrible ! Thank god we don't drink our water we drink bottled water, but we also found out that water isn't good either. He showed us the difference this system does and I'm sold ! I definitely want clear healthier water for my family and pets ! Can't wait to have this installed and to finally have great water and air !! Thanks again Cody Vail you were amazing !

Jani Rose

Darren was very knowledgeable about the air purifier and water systems. The results he showed me on my air and water was amazing before and after. I signed up immediately. The systems are very affordable.

Mitchel Bart

I received a black jack scratch off card in the mail. They delivered my prize and completed the free water test as promised. The water test was extremely informative and I'm glad I know what is in my water.

Erika Reed

Nyco was very polite and patient with going over the products and how they can benefit our life. He was able to educate us on the company and made us feel very excited about our purchase. Cant wait to see how clean our clothes come out and also being able to breath better. Thank you for helping our home feel better!

Amy Montelongo

We met Nico at the Northern Colorado Home show. I Set up an appointment with him and he showed up on time. We've made appointments with other company's and because we are in Red Feather they didn't show up. He really explains the system and how it works in a manner that we could understand. We are excited to have our well water drinkable. Very sweet and nice man. Thank you Nico


Thankful to have let Cody come in and demonstrate all the factors that can improve our health. I appreciate the education on the water and air and I'm excited to see the future results of having these systems installed

Daniel Durbin

Nico & Silas- They were both friendly and nice. They gave recommendations for our family but pushed us to purchase any product. They were patient with our small children and dog while in our home.

Robert Shelton

Nico was very awesome and respectful he showed us wonderful product and taught us a lot about the product... We are pleased to say we are very excited to use our new beyond and angel... Thank you Nico from l&l

Dwayne Reinhard

Nico was professional, informative and engaging. I couldn't be more confident that this is an excellent investment for our family. I'm super excited for my install.

Rachel Caldwell

We could instantly feel the difference washing our hands with ivory soap between using our tap water and L&L Systems Water. Incredibly better using L&L! Cody Vail was very professional: on time, automatically took his shoes off at the door, dressed nicely and very polite. His presentation made sense and gave us a greater understanding of city water and other types of filtered water systems. If you're interested in a water system, Cody Vail's your guy!

Kyra Carter

Nico came to home this morning and tested my water. I already have a drinking solution currently in my home. I decided to go with the laundry pro system. No more laundry detergent will save me tons of money. Thank you Nico for sharing the information.

Judge Daniels

Nico was extremely knowledgeable with all aspects of water an air! Was not pushy like other salesmen. Looking forward to my new air purifier!
Thank you Nico!!

Lynette Roman

Nico was on time and provided information on the laundry equipment and angel air purifer.

Anne Mitchell

Daren was amazing and walked us through so many different aspects of our water quality and how we could improve our home and was not pushy at all! We would definitely recommend anyone looking to get cleaner water to have them visit you!

Amber Flannery

We met Nico and Denver Home and garden show. He was quickly able to help us find the best air purification solution. Nico was completely professional and very helpful. He delivered the products we wanted by the next business day.

Jim Judge

Peyton came by and did a home test today. He knows his stuff! He tested and water for me and educated me along the way. I learned a few things I didn't know before. I know how important water is for myself and my family, so working with professionals in their field is important to me. L and L is a leader in the industry and I trust them.

Donald Martinez

Nico with L&L Systems was absolutely amazing! He was on time and very courteous! His presentation and knowledge were great. He was very professional and understanding. I am thankful that he came out, I definitely learned a lot from him!

Janesa Marin

Darren Cox has answered all the querries we had regarding water quality and has good explanation to what we are getting from our tap water plus filtration system that we use and these products will hopefully will make the difference. I firmly believe that we are getting quality filtration system that will last not to mention the adjusted affordable price attached to it. For this reason I am givng a five star experience for his presentation. Way to go Darren. God Bless.

john ramos

Cody Vail came to our house to talk about L & L systems and what they offer. He explained in detail which products they sell, how superior they are to other brands, and how it would SAVE US MONEY! Thank you cody! We are extremely excited about our air filtration/ water purification system.

Ryan Mulford

We met Nico at the Home & Garden Show in Denver. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and explained everything thoroughly! Excited to have better water and clean air!

Kimber Young

Nico was very friendly and really knowledgeable about how to remove the iron in our water. Highly recommend

Michelle Sheffield

Nico, Super awesome guy. Explained everything really well and made it fun with some jokes definitely recommend the system will definitely be putting it in my next home

Halie Scranton

Nico was fabulous to work with. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I am excited for my new Laundry Pro and never having to use detergent again. I would highly recommend.

Cally Pissare

Nico was great! He was able to explain everything in layman's terms so it was easy to understand but when our questions went a little deeper, he had no trouble answering those questions either. Honesty is huge for me and I felt like he was very honest in everything he told us. We got the Beyond and Air Guardian to improve our air quality and a water filtration unit. Nico was not pushy at all and was patient with us which is so important. Great experience!


Big thank you to Cody Vail. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the products but he is also personable. We can't wait to get our system installed!

Christina Genoshe

Nico, it was nice meeting you yesterday at the Fort Collins home show. I had been thinking of having a reverse osmosis drinking system installed. This was the right time and right connection. Today I decided to get it. Thanks Nico for honest and fast information.

Ann Meijer

We met Nico at the Denver county fair and made an appointment for him to test our water. He was on time and so delightful to have, very friendly and informative. There were tons of products we wanted to improve the air and water quality of our home. He gave us the best option for our needs now and in the future. We went ahead and got 5 solutions that will impact our day to day life. Very excited for clean air and water. We're excited to get the install and love the financing options available.

Iris Acosta Miller

Nico is a very respectful and knowledgeable person. He explained everything in great detail. We're very happy to make this purchase to better our home and our lives. We're also very happy that Nico was the person to give us our water analysis report.

Whisper Panchoo

Darren was a great salesman; professional, to the point, extremely knowledgeable, and friendly. The amount of services and equipment we receive for the money was a great deal. We'll forever be customers and will refer friends and family to L&L and Darren specifically.

Ernesto Regalado

Nico and Silas did a great job. Can't wait four new clean water.

Woodrow Martin

Darren Cox just left my home from testing my water in my home and I was very impressed. He was very thorough an knowledgeable and friendly. I got a great deal an can't wait to try the system once it's installed. Thanks so much.

wendy kan

Nico came to demonstrate the water system L&L sold per our request. He was punctual, friendly, and polite. He explained the products and their benefits in an understandable way. He took the time to answer our many questions about the product and warranty. He also demonstrated their air purifier system and it's multiple products. My husband and I were very pleased with our experience, today. Hopefully, we will be just as pleased with the final product after it's been installed.

Heather S

Darren came to our house to demonstrate his products and at no time made me feel out of place. He didn't even mind the fact my dogs were going crazy at his arrival. Darren was very professional and made me feel secure in purchasing a new product for my household.

Kendra Blair

So excited for our new water and air systems. Especially after seeing some concerning pollution in city's air this week. Cody Vale was extremely knowledgeable and didn't push. He answered ALLLLLL of our questions. Ahhhhh! So excited!

Jessie McCoy

Darren, was very helpful in helping me to understand the importance of the soft water system. Also was very patient and understanding in my decision of what to buy for my home.

David Chavez

Nico did a wonderful job demonstrating and explaining water quality as well as how L&L Systems can improve the water quality in our home. Very knowledgeable and personable!! Thank you!!

Pam Arrington

Nico - glad we met you at the home show. We're excited to get that water and laundry filter! Thanks a ton

Shari Johansson

Nico. He was awesome! Very intelligent, freindly and knew about his systems! Great guy!

Tony Marturano

Sebastian was an awesome guy whom explained alot of information to us! Awesome at his job! Highly recommend him! And the company!

Cyndi Galvan

Cody Vail and Mitch Lamke came to our house and did a wonderful presentation and showed us how gross our water was and how clean it could be. They did a great job and we cant wait to get this system in our house and have clean water for life!

Kelly Dolan

Darren did an excellent job demonstrating and was very knowledgeable about what he was selling. Very professional and respectful the moment he pulled up to our house. Definitely one of the best salesmen I've met. Thank you, Darren.

Sean Farrior

I had my water and air tested today by L&L Systems Inc. Nico was my healthy home consultant. I decided to go with the Elevate Ph Max for my drinking water concerns and 2 Angels for my air quality. Thank you for the testing

Jacque Peterson

Nico during the entire presentation was very professional & informative. All questions were answered quickly & honestly. Everything was backed by written proof. Thanks for a wonderful demonstration. Thank you for helping us with cleaning our home with the guardian angel and giving us a healthier lifestyle. Super exited about the heater as well. Trina

Trina Maestas

Nico was knowledgeable and very friendly. He loves the product that he sells and is very passionate about it! We highly recommend him and his company! Great job Nico! We appreciate your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Garry Braun

Nico was very knowledgeable and excited to share the product selling. Would recommend him as a salesperson to friends or family.

Michael Gadbury

Nico. He was amazing. Clearly demonstrated everything. Glad that he came by.

Megan Stephens

Darren was awesome. Very codial,polite ,thorough. Friendly, fun person. Explained everything very well. Thank you

Julie Olson

Kenny was here today and did a superb job of explaining everything. He was a joy to deal with and we look foward to dealing with him in the future.

Sherri Cracraft

Nico was very professional and friendly. He was very knowledgeable about the products and services offered. He answered all our questions and explained the system clearly and concisely. He was able to show us the benefit of using the system with visual aids.

Melissa Morris

Nico was extremely knowledgable and friendly. He answered all of our questions, was professional, and provided the best customer service that we've experienced in a long while. We never felt pressured during the consultation.

sunny tran

Worked with Nico through our water testing. He was very knowledgeable about the water results and the equipment. I would highly recommend Nico.

William Tigar

Darren was great. He was energetic and knowledgeable. He was great and always made us feel comfortable. We can't wait to get it installed.

kamryn king

Nico was a very uplifting and very informative guy we loved what he showed us and are very interested

Adam Gonzalez

Nico came to the house this evening and did any amazing demonstration with our water as well as our air quality of our home! Was not a pushy salesman but a very informative source! Excited to receive our Beyond Guardian Air along with the Angel Purifiers.

David Braadland

Nico shared with us how much pollutant is in our air and water in a very non-judgmental way, and gave us the option of getting what we were comfortable with and what we could afford. He was super helpful and kind. Thanks for helping us give our family a better chance of being healthy!!

scott veater

My family and I just had Kenneth stop by to discuss our drinking water needs. Boy, were we surprised by the levels of chlorine, hardness, and other heavy metals found in our water for we already have a water softener in our home. Kenneth was very professional and polite. He definitely addressed all of our questions and concerns and he truly wanted to set us up with something that would make us happy and healthy. I highly recommend you have him come by to check your water and hear him out. You would not be disappointed and you will be glad you did! My family is definitely going to enjoy drinking our clean alkaline water.

Julie Horvath

Met Nico at the Adams County Fair. Have had several "water specialists" test my home water and propose solutions. Nico was professional and knowledgeable. His remedy for my hard water was acceptable and I look forward to tomorrow's installation.

Janice Kennedy

One of the best sale person I had in my home to present a product to me. Nico was very knowledgeable on the product, answered all of my questions and his recommendations was based on what would work for me. Thank you Nico.

JULIA edwards

Nico, was very informative. I will definitely sign up with you guy the beginning of the year. All I can say is the timing was bad for me. I'm 100% SOLD!!

K Conner